What to Look for in a Five-Star Campground

What to Look for in a Five-Star Campground

For those of us who enjoy sleeping under the stars or, in my family’s case, in our motor home with sky lights, the search for good quality campgrounds can be an adventure in itself. Here are some tips of what to look for in a 4 or 5 star campground:

1. Do they have clean facilities? Check the rest rooms, recreational area, and laundry room. Take a look before you even register.

2. Is the campground easy to locate and are the grounds lighted at night?

3. Do they pick up the trash daily, including the debris and dead, wild animals from the campground?

4. Do you see maintenance staff around the grounds?

5. Is the campground store well stocked, with clean floors?

6. Are the food products well within the expiration date on perishable products and over-the-counter medications?

7. Are the personnel clean, friendly, and professional looking?

8. Are there clean parking areas and neat spaces with no signs of the last campers’ cigarette butts?

9. Is the pool and spa area clean and filled with sparkling clean water? Is the furniture and equipment well maintained? Are there safely rules posted?

10. Are trash receptacles found easily, and are they emptied often?

11. Look for dog walks that are clean and include a complimentary scoop and plastic bags, and have signs posted, indicating where to keep pets.

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