Farm Stands For Fresh Fruits And Veggies

A good place to find out about what a location has to offer is to visit one of the area’s farm stands. A farm stand can tell you a lot about a community and its people.  It lets you in on how they labor to bring certain items there to sell and it gives you a unique perspective on where some of your favorite fruits and vegetables come from before they hit your supermarket.

3 Ideas for the Perfect Family Reunion

Many people remember the old-time family reunions that were boring and basic, but these days there are all different kinds of options to have the perfect family reunion at interesting locations.

Instead of meeting for a cookout at the park, consider some of these unique ideas for your next family reunion. Planning the perfect family reunion means different things to different people.  The main idea is to get to see family members that you don’t always get to be around and enjoy their company.  The location really should be a secondary consideration.

How to Get Clean Sheets During Your Hotel Stay

I have been in many countries and traveled in many states and I have found an all too common problem. Most hotel pillowcases and blankets are dirty or even in some places downright filthy — even if they are 5 star hotels and have freshly washed linens.

Build Your Travel Budget Simply

We hear people all the time say that they would love to take some time off and travel, but they just can’t afford to do so.  It’s true that in reality, we are all having to watch our money and where it goes. Read some great tips to quickly saving up money for your vacation,

A Taste of Italy in Orange, Virginia

Mario’s, home of Authentic Pizza and Real Italian Cuisine, features a nice all you can eat salad bar, featuring time honored Italian recipes. There are gourmet chicken dishes from Italy, homemade spicy meatballs, and rich homemade marinara sauces over fresh pasta.

The savory Virginia clams in a shell was out of this world, and the hearty homemade soups, (of which we tried more than a few) warmed us clear to our toes, not including the delicious specialty peppers and sausage dish we reveled in that was fantastic. And that was all before the pizza! The Stromboli was large and handmade, as was the soft seasoned bread sticks and Calzone!

What to Look for in a Five-Star Campground

For those of us who enjoy sleeping under the stars or, in my family’s case, in our motor home with sky lights, the search for good quality campgrounds can be an adventure in itself.

Read some tips of what to look for in a 4 or 5 star campground.

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