The Possibilities of Keeping an Adoption Journal

Writing in a journal is a great way to remember your path to adopt a babyThe Possibilities of Keeping an Adoption Journal

Making the decision to adopt is a momentous one. It will be a life changing event for you and your spouse. One great way to keep a record of events is to write in a journal!

There is so much happening right now and so much to think about. There are papers to sign, profiles to make and a very important home study to complete. This experience is going to alter the course of your life forever! It is difficult to look at anything with much clarity right now.

When I was waiting for my wonderful son, I bought a small hard bound journal. I began writing in it right away. Putting my thoughts and hopes down on paper was therapeutic. Writing helped me to focus on my goal and organize my thoughts.

Later, I was to discover how helpful it was to have those feelings and thoughts recorded; not only for my husband and me, but for my son to read when he is grown. I know my son will thank me some day, when he reads my journal and is able to fill in the gaps. He will want to know how he came to be our forever son and what we went through to bring him home.

Writing is a way of sending love letters to your child now! If you have a picture in your heart of the child you are waiting for, write it down. Record your hopes and dreams for your baby in your journal. Express the feelings you are experiencing.

The future of your family will be bright and busy. Let your journal remind you of the person you were, before he came along. Give your baby the gift of recorded family history.  Let the glory of the Lord be revealed through the miraculous building of your family!

The eyes of the Lord run to and fro

Throughout the whole earth,

To show Himself strong on behalf of those

Whose heart is loyal to Him.

2 Chronicles 16:9

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