The Possibilities of Keeping an Adoption Journal

Your adoption experience is going to alter the course of your life forever.  A great way to document your experience is to write in a journal!

I Thought If I Gave Him My Love, and If He Loved Me Enough, He Would Change

Often when getting into a relationship you can see the signs of possibly trouble ahead, yet you choose to ignore them.  Many times, we have these early warning signs and are unable or unwilling to believe they can actually be part of his personality.

There are three main categories to pay attention to when getting into a new relationship: his behavior, his history, and your inner voice.

Are You a Better Mom Than Your Own Mother Was?

We might reflect on the type of mother we are in comparison to our own mothers and grandmothers. It may be hard for some people to be honest about this. Many will unconditionally reverence their mothers. But for quite a number of people, in fact, 58% of those recently polled in an online survey believed that they are, in fact, better moms than their own mother.

How to Deal With Negative People

Dealing with difficult people is something that we all must do at some point in life. Read a few tips for managing YOURSELF when you have to deal with negativity and the people that perpetuate it.

Why Can’t Men Say “I Love You”?

For a lot of men, these three words are a form of giving up something about themselves. It is scary for them and often they have not had examples in their lives to help show them how to express and share their feelings of love.

Sharing Feelings as a Birth Mother: The Importance of Writing a Love Letter to Your Child

Birthparents around the world often say, “I don’t want my child to hate me for choosing adoption.” Listening to these words and acting on them allows a birthmother to release their child into the arms of the adoptive parents with trust, faith, and love. A special letter written directly to her child can help any birthmother at this time of high emotions and often grief. She is demonstrating her true loving feelings for her child.

8 Simple Tips to Ask for What You Want

More often than not, we need to work a little harder to get what we want. How you ask for something in your relationship or your life can determine if you will be able to get it.

Read 8 simple things to keep in mind the next time you are preparing to ask for something you want.

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