Pro-life or Pro-choice…That’s It? Or is There Another Option?

Everything in life is not in “black” or “white.” From childhood, we have been taught to look at so many aspects of life as definitive, when in fact, things aren’t always that simple or clear-cut. We are fortunate to live in a country where people are not forced to limit the number of children to one or none. We have a great amount of freedom and liberties that we enjoy in America. We live in a country where not only is everything not simply in terms of “black” or “white,” the people that live here are a testament to our country’s great diversity, opportunities, and options.

The same holds true with regard to pregnancy. For far too long, we have been made to feel that there are only two options for women when they become pregnant…that they can only have one of two views. Either your perspective is pro-life or pro-choice…that’s it. Pick a side and stick with it. But, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. There is another option for women. How about adoption?

Adoption is a very real and possible alternative for women who have found that they are faced with making a decision about an unplanned pregnancy. While the decision, for most, is not an easy one, the reality is that it is an option. Adoption is a true alternative for women and their babies.

Adoption is an option that can have a positive impact on the lives of so many people. Women facing an unplanned pregnancy feel they are doing the right thing for their child by offering it the best life possible. She is also able to look at the long-term possibilities of her life, her goals and dreams about her future, and not just the here and now.

Adoption can also have an exceptionally wonderful effect in the lives of the adoptive parents. Their dream of parenthood becomes their reality and they have a chance to give a child a better life than the child may otherwise not had. Of course, the child gets to be the center of their adoptive parents’ world, where he or she is given the love, financial support, encouragement, and guidance that will be needed as they live and grow. Many women today choosing adoption do so because they know they’re helping a couple become a family through adoption. Also, they will know the simple fact of where and whom the child will be raised by. Women looking at options do not want to co-parent, but turn something that could be viewed as a crisis in their lives into a positive result for everyone involved.

So, in short, life is not as basic as black/white or pro-choice/pro-life. There is so much that adoption has to offer and our personal situations can be changed when we know and understand this basic fact. There are options that exist, happy mediums, and loads of alternatives for pregnant women, for pregnant teenagers, and anyone else that finds themselves facing an unplanned pregnancy. Other options are available to you. Adoption is one of them, and as a woman it can absolutely be a possibility for you and your child.

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