Alleviating Morning Sickness

Most women don’t think of morning sickness as helpful, but it can be an excellent indicator of pregnancy. Morning sickness can occur regardless of your lifestyle, but there are many factors that may contribute to causing it to be more severe. In this pregnancy article, Mardie Caldwell shares some things to do that may help prevent the onset of nausea and vomiting.

I Think I’m Pregnant

If you have been intimate with someone and have engaged in unprotected intercourse, you could really be pregnant. Before you make any assumptions, take a look at yourself and decide if you have cause to strongly believe that you could be expecting a child.

I’m Pregnant… Is Adoption for Me?
Making the decision to place your child for adoption can be a difficult one.  You are not alone in this decision, though. There are groups and sites, like Lifetime Adoption, that are more than willing to help and support you as you make this decision.

In College & Pregnant – 3 AM Feedings and 8 AM Exams

Statistics show that many young women who become pregnant while attending college and choose to parent their child will quit school and often never return.

Pro-life or Pro-choice…That’s It? Or is There Another Option?

For far too long, we have been made to feel that there are only two options for women when they become pregnant…that they can only have one of two views. Either your perspective is pro-life or pro-choice…that’s it. Pick a side and stick with it. But, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. There is another option for women. How about adoption?

Learn about baby's development inside your wombHow Soon Does a Baby Start to Develop?

While most women don’t feel the presence of ‘life’ inside their womb until a couple of months after conception, the baby is already growing by leaps and bounds even in the first few weeks of pregnancy!

This article reveals some interesting facts about a baby’s development inside a woman’s body.

Am I Pregnant? Early Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms

“Am I pregnant?” This is one of the most common questions asked by women. Of course, some ask it with expectant hope while some with fearful anxiety. But it is a question asked by many women, those who are trying to get pregnant and those trying to avoid it.

There are many common signs of pregnancy. The most obvious sign is a missed or delayed menstrual period.

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