Opt-In Websites: A Wonderful Tool for Your Business

Opt-In Websites: A Wonderful Tool for Your Business

For business owners looking to get the word “out there” about their business, an opt-in website is an excellent tool. Opt-in mainly means that the customer has giving their consent for your company to email them. Opting in typically happens when they sign up on your website for a series of emails. An e-newsletter or coupons for specific products are examples of this.

To be completely sure that the person wants their emails, some businesses will use a double opt-in. The user fills out a form on your site for the first opt-in. The second part of the opt-in happens when the recipient gets an automatic email asking them to click a link to confirm that they wish to sign up.

When creating your email marketing campaign, you want to make sure to use an opt-in lead list. If you send emails to lots of recipients who haven’t opted in is called spamming, and it’s highly unprofessional.

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