Answered Prayers: My Story of Moving From Infertility to Adoption

The months went by, then two years passed, but no baby came. Couples all around us seemed to get pregnant without even trying. I must have gone to a dozen baby showers during those early years of our marriage. I laughed with my friends as the expectant mothers opened their gifts, but I was crying inside. Pregnancy losses replaced my hopeful heart.

With prayer and patience, we made the right decisions regarding adoption and my hope for you is that you will also prayerfully make the right decisions. We started our adoption with a hope and very little money.We had to make sacrifices but I knew that my desire to hold a baby in my arms was stronger than any desire for material items.

How to Trust God When You Feel It Is the Last Thing You Can Do!
After 12 months of ‘trying’, you find out that you are now medically an infertile couple. It is devastating news and one that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. But, is it the end of the road? Will you never become a mother? Do you feel God has let you down?

Are Women Waiting Longer to Have a Baby?

Many women today get caught up in the corporate world and wake up one morning, realizing they have been delaying motherhood. It is not unusual to see women over 40 having children. What are the risks to the mother when having a child late in life? What extra step does a mother over 40 need to take to maintain a healthy pregnancy?

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