Does Your Business Have a Non-Profit Partner?

How your business can partner with a non-profit organizationDoes Your Business Have a Non-Profit Partner?

If you don’t have a local non-profit charity you help or support, now is the time to begin! Face it, every business needs promotion, and charities LOVE to thank their supporters.

Now, you don’t have to have a lot of extra money. In fact, they may appreciate the gift of your time and talents more than what’s in your pocketbook. And, as an added bonus, they usually take the time to offer a public thank you!

This doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Here are three quick steps to help you achieve giving back while building your business.

1. Identify a local charity that is a good match.

2. Make a phone call stating your desire to give and asking for a meeting with the director.

3. Help and serve, to the best of your ability.

Remember, it doesn’t have to involve cash. If you are an exterminator, you could offer free bug services to a local shelter. If you are a music teacher, establish a “scholarship” for a needy student of a local organization. There are many ways — you only need to find one.

By partnering your business with a non-profit organization, you may increase the likelihood of achieving their mission and to amplify their reach. Also, by giving back you’ll be contributing to making the world a better place.

A potential non-profit partner for you is Lifetime Adoption Foundation. This non-profit organization is dedicated to the development of healthy and fulfilling futures. They help ensure this through educational opportunities for birthmothers who have lovingly chosen adoption for their child, adoption grants for families adopting hard-to-place children, and donations to families in need such as food, clothing, school supplies and children’s items.

Learn more about them by visiting or calling them at (530) 432-7383.

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