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Ten Ways to Save for What You Want

Learn some great cost saving strategies to help you save for what you want, such as the adoption of a baby domestically.

Finding New Customers

We have found that most small businesses have more great ideas on how to advertise their services than they have available resources.  So where do you start if you are looking for more customers?

Social Media Marketing for Your Business

Using social media sites empower you to accelerate your business growth exponentially!

Does Your Business Have a Non-Profit Partner?

If you don’t have a local non-profit charity you help or support, now is the time to begin! Face it, every business needs promotion, and charities LOVE to thank their supporters.

Now, you don’t have to have a lot of extra money. In fact, they may appreciate the gift of your time and talents more than what’s in your pocketbook. And, as an added bonus, they usually take the time to offer a public thank you!

A Simple Recipe for Business Success in a New Economy
After many requests, successful entrepreneur and long-time business owner Mardie Caldwell is finally sharing her marketing techniques for the first time.  You will learn how to reach your business goals and increase your bottom line.

5 Steps to a Positive Attitude

Attitude can have a profound impact on our lives.  A negative attitude can cause us to experience life differently simply because our expectations and interpretations are all negative.  Living our lives this way can cause stress, which can lead to health problems. Learn Caldwell’s five steps to developing and keeping a positive attitude in business.

4 Business Marketing Golden Rules

Learn about Caldwell’s top business marketing rules. What will you do today to market your business?

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